Supplier Showcase - Lankhorst Euronete

Building on the strength of the WireCo WorldGroup and the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group, Lankhorst Euronete Australia provides Australian customers the best value-for-money products and services in the industry.

Credit: LE Australia

The high quality of Lankhorst Euronete Australia solutions is based on innovation and continuous improvement achieved through the depth and breadth of engineering and metallurgical expertise in their group. Lankhorst Euronete Australia offers sufficient stocks of mooring and towing ropes, splicing services; wire stock and handling abilities through to large diameters, socketing and pressing of wires ready for the field without delay. 

Credit: Lankhorst Euronete Australia

Lankhorst Euronete Australia also offer rope inspections and reports, chains and fittings, quality rigging equipment and vehicle recovery equipment.

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