Metromatics announces new version of AXIS supports latest multi-core processors

AXIS 6.0 provides support for the latest fourth generation Intel Core i7 (“Haswell”) processors as well as for the most recent multicore processors from Freescale and NVIDIA.

AXISPro also now supports Open MPI, providing developers with the opportunity to run MPI and AXISFlow applications concurrently, giving additional choice and flexibility to developers to meet demanding customer requirements. Open MPI is used by many of the world’s Top 500 supercomputers.

AXIS is designed to speed the development, debugging, optimization, testing and deployment of sophisticated, SWaP (size, weight and power) sensitive multiprocessor HPEC (High Performance Embedded Computing) systems. Intuitive and easy to use, it can significantly reduce program cost and minimize program risk, and result in faster time-to-market for distributed multiprocessor applications such as radar, and image- and sensor processing.

Customer investment in software development is maximized by the support AXIS provides for application portability and scaling across multiple processor cores, CPUs and multi-board systems.

The AXIS software environment, together with GE’s extensive range of HPEC hardware solutions, enables GE Intelligent to provide a unique ‘one stop shop’ for organizations looking to minimize development time, cost and risk in bringing to market the advanced multiprocessor applications that characterize today’s defence market.

This latest release not only allows our customers to take advantage of the capabilities of the industry’s latest processors, but also extends GE's strategy of making available the proven technologies that are deployed by the world’s most sophisticated data centres.

Within AXIS, the AXISView GUI provides a user-friendly interface to create, configure, build, load, run, scale, visualize and tune multiple processes across distributed multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-node platforms from a single environment.

AXIS also includes the AXISFlow high performance inter-process communication (IPC) middleware which features 42 user APIs offering a light weight, simple to use library that abstracts data movement from the complexities of the underlying hardware and software drivers. It supports multi-channel data paths between tasks and processors over PCI Express, Ethernet, InfiniBand and other high speed switch fabrics.

AXISLib – another element within AXIS – provides optimized DSP and math libraries, delivering a valuable set of building blocks for the quick and efficient development of applications. AXISLib-AVX provides more than 600 high-performance DSP and vector math functions for Intel Core i7 multicore, multithreaded platforms with Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX2); AXISLib-PPC is a performance-optimized DSP library for AltiVec; AXISLib-CL is a DSP library for generic architectures; and AXISLib-GPU facilitates the development of signal processing applications using GE’s GPGPU-based architectures.


For Further information, please contact:

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