Commander Joint Task Group 661.1, Captain Jonathan Earley, RAN (speaking), and Naval Attache, Captain Nick Hart, RAN, with Captain Eko Jokowiyono and Captain Johanes Djanarko Wibowo (right) at the Western Fleet Command of the Indonesian Navy, during a visit to Jakarta by Joint Task Group 661.1 during Indo Pacific Endeavour 2017.

Defence Attaches tasked to forge export linkages for industry

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has highlighted the vital role of Australia's defence attaché community in securing business and exports for local industry. 

As part of the Defence Overseas Representation Seminar, a three week training course, Minister Pyne spoke to over 35 Defence personnel selected for representational roles in Australian diplomatic missions overseas to highlight their vital role in promoting the export of our Defence materiel.

“From the largest defence company to a small company making a great bit of kit, our attachés and their teams can make a big difference – providing introductions to governments and militaries, updates on future procurement plans, and hints and tips on how to negotiate the bureaucracies of our friends and allies,” Minister Pyne said.

“Attachés are my eyes and ears overseas. If there’s an opportunity there for Australian industry, they’ll need to promote it. If I need to get on a plane and speak to the overseas Government about how good our products are – I’ll do it”, Minister Pyne said.

Minister Pyne said the Defence Export Strategy to be released later this year would set out a comprehensive approach to enable the Government to actively plan, guide and measure defence export outcomes.

“The strategy will establish a new system to provide assistance to Australian industry and support Australia’s broader defence, strategic, foreign and economic interests.”

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