$207m enhancements approved for Nulka missile decoy system

BAE Systems Nulka missile decoy system will be enhanced following second pass approval for Project Sea 1397 Phase 5B.

The $207 million, 20 year program will deal with obsolescence in the launcher system, the maintainability of the firing component and software improvements. It will also include installation of new launch systems on the Anzac frigates which are being upgraded at Henderson as part of the $2 billion, six-year Anzac Midlife Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP).

BAE Systems Australia CEO Glynn Phillips said it is important that investment in bespoke Australian defence technologies continues to deliver increased capabilities that will benefit the nation.

“This project will pave the way for continued development of one of Australia’s most successful defence exports.”

Director General Surface Combatants and Aviation Commodore Rob Elliott told ADM in May that while the Anzac and Hobart class would have the same launcher systems, requirements for other fleet units, including the LHDs, were also under consideration.

"The design of the new launcher system, and then the installation of it into different classes of ships are different projects," he said.

Under Phase 5C of the program, $42 million was due to be spent during 2017-18 on trial activities for a collaborative development of the next generation of the Nulka product line with the US Navy.

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