Army Innovation Day 2017 - Novel weapons and novel effects

Army Innovation Day is an opportunity for industry to present novel capability options that can shape Army’s approach to challenges of novel weapons and novel effects in a combined arms team environment in a joint environment.

A short-cycle nomination, selection, demonstration and assessment process will be used to present available equipment, tools or enabling systems to a panel of capability specialists and decision makers. Selected demonstrations may proceed to user evaluations in Army units.

Industry participation: Open tender for submissions. Event attendance by Army invitation only.

Industry submissions close: 13 September 2017 - or

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From the Source: Chief of Navy VADM Tim Barrett

As many know, the RAN is going through its biggest fleet recapitalisation since WWII. ADM Editor Katherine Ziesing spoke with Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Chief Barrett about how these various programs are coming together, the challenges ahead and how Navy will respond to these opportunities.